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Ragnarok ARK: Survival Evolved

We have open up our new Ark: Survival Evolved private server. Our Server IP Address: – Game Mode: PvE – 8XP – No Mods – Active Admins [24/7] Our Server Specifications: CPU: 3 CPU vCORE Network Port: 10Gbps Operating System Version:...

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A.A.A][PANGEA] Center [PVPVE][H5-XP5-T10-B10]

ALPHA ANONYMOUS ARMY - ARK CLUSTER - PANGEA - 6 MAPS PANGEA - 6 SERVER CLUSTER - PVP & PVE longterm NO WIPE Cluster PVE - Ragnarok - H x5 - XP x5 - T x10 - B x10 - max.wild.lvl. 150 IP: PVP -...

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Zapraszam na serwery PvE Ark XP3 T3 H4 Cross z Island na Ragnarok, The Center i Aberration. Dorosła administracja, miła atmosfera, weekendowe ewenty, bardzo niski ping, co za tym idzie zero lagów. Serwery by się lepiej budowało posiadają jedynie mod S+...

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